Thursday, December 02, 2010

Small Successes

Well, it's Thursday again already. We've been having a very busy week, and Eva has a pretty nasty looking rash right now, and I'm afraid she might be having a reaction to her antibiotic...
So, on to my small successes:

I am DONE Christmas shopping! The only person I might buy a few more small items for is our exchange student (I think I only have one stocking stuffer for her right now), but hubby is done, Eva is done, Charlotte is done, our parents are done, hubby's person for the sibling swap is done, and my person for the sibling swap is almost done (he wants a book that doesn't come out until December 15th, so I'm waiting to see if it will be available on Amazon, since straight from the publisher they are charging $8.50 for shipping). I also haven't gotten food products for stockings, but I do have chocolate coins waiting for St. Nicolas Day.

I started back up with scrapbooking in the last two weeks, and I figured out that I am three pages away from finishing family album number 2! I do still need to get some photographic evidence of some occasions (like Charlotte's 2nd birthday and Christmas 2008...) and add them to the album, but I went ahead and ordered album #3 from Creative Memories this week.

I had a mommy-daughter day with Eva yesterday. She asked for a one on one day, so Charlotte went to some church stuff with grandma, and Eva and I stayed home. We made lunch, made cookies, she read me a book, watched some VeggieTales silly songs, played bananagrams and pet detectives, watched VeggieTales story of St. Nicolas, ate some cookies, I read her a book, colored pictures, played Candyland, and just pretty much had a good time doing what she wanted to do. Charlotte had a great time with grandma, too, so it all worked out well.

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Mary said...

Great list of successes this week! Love #3. One on one time is sweet. Have a fantastic week!