Thursday, December 31, 2009

2/3rds Moved and Eat From The Pantry Challenge

Today we moved more stuff out of our house, but this time it is being stored at the correct house (yeah!) so we still have more packing and all of our large furniture and garage stuff to move, but things are going along okay with the contract on our old house. Hopefully we will close on it by the 12th of January.

We also have officially moved into my MILs house, bringing suitcases with clothing and most of the contents of my pantry (which are now combined with her overflowing pantry). I just saw that Money Saving Mom is doing an "Eat From The Pantry Challenge", so I mentioned it to MIL, and she said that it looked like we had plenty of stuff in the pantry. So, I figure that since I am here for a while (I wish I had a move in date for the new house...but I am hoping we will move in before the end of January.) the two of us will try to make meals from the pantry...our rules will necessarily be slightly flexible (since we do want both of us to survive the combined living arrangements) but here's my thoughts:

No purchasing pantry items.

Dairy products will be purchased, as will produce.

Eating out will be allowed (if only to make sure that the six of us keep our sanity).

I'm not going to put a dollar amount on the groceries, since I have no idea how our different methods of shopping (me with my couponing and generic brands, my MIL buying name brands that she and FIL prefer).

The "Eat From The Pantry Challenge" will end when we move out of MILs house, since most of my pantry items will probably stay here at MILs house, and I'll have to restock at the new house.

I'll try to remember to blog occasionally about how things are going, both with the living all together, and with the pantry challenge.

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