Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I am a crafty supermom!

Okay, it isn't that often that I get crafty with or for the kids around here...it's just not really in my nature (although I guess when I did alphabet crafts with Eva for preschool, I must have been temporarily insane!) So, since I did get all crafty, I took some pictures (before things get destroyed.

I recently came across the idea of Tot School. I found the idea through a Carnival of Homeschooling post a while back, and just found the idea interesting. Since Charlotte is getting more difficult to contain while I do school with Eva, I thought doing some tot school with Charlotte would be a good idea. I got the template for Alphabet Hearts here, and the template for the Cinderella Tot Book here.

Eva found the instructions for how to make a spiritual bouquet at EWTN kids. So, for art class this week, we made this spiritual bouquet for Brittney who should be coming home from the hospital next week.

Finally, here's another view of the Cinderella Tot Book, and also a peek at Dino Colors, which I found here. The Alphabet Hearts and Dino Colors folders still need some work...I need to go use my MILs laminater to make them a little sturdier for little miss thing. I'd better get to class, since Charlotte is dancing around me and wants her Cinderella book!


Christine said...

WOW!!! Crafty supermom is right. Nicely done.

One Little, Two Little said...

Super cute ideas! Thanks for linking to the Cinderella tot book.

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Such cute crafts! I love the spiritual bouquet! :-)