Monday, November 24, 2008

Why hubby shouldn't stay home alone #6217

Well, I went to a very nice prayer meeting for my bible's actually the first prayer meeting we've done, but it looks like we will do it again. Nothing quite worked out the way we had hoped...we never could get Father to even let us ask him if we could have exposition of the Eucharist, and in the end there were two different music practices going on tonight in the sanctuary anyway (neither were in the bulletin, but then again, neither were we!)

So, hubby was at home for a little over an hour with the girls. Now, this isn't that unusual...he stays home with the girls a lot, but usually I provide frozen pizza or something like that for them to eat. Today, I made lentil-rice casserole in the crock pot (and Eva and Charlotte ate better than they have all week...who knew that they'd dig lentils so much today?) and fed the girls early. Of course, that meant that they were hungry and wanted a snack.

We've been out of microwave popcorn for a while...I haven't found a good sale recently...and I gave away our air popper in a fit of decluttering a few months ago, figuring that a pot could be used to cook dinner AND pop popcorn! Hubby made popcorn on the stove once since that time, with supervision from me. He doesn't seem to have been listening.

Here's what I came home to:

When I asked what he did, he said "I don't know!" So, I asked if he had tried to cook the popcorn on high, he said yes, then added "I'm not sure I added enough fat." So, naturally I asked how much oil he had put in the pan...and he told me none...but that he had put a little butter in!

So, the blackened mess of virtually unpopped popcorn was awaiting me...but here's one more fun fact before I go...he told me that he had to wet the popcorn down to get it to stop really is amazing that he's never burnt down a house accidentally!


Whimsy said...

Beg, borrow or steal Tomie de Paola's book on popcorn.

It is an excellent history/primer on all things popcorn.

Perhaps if you had a higher speed connection, the Ill Postino --
Um. the Ol' Postino. Ahem.
IlPostino would be more likely to "pop" into a search engine "how to pop popcorn" and get it done right.

Think of all the money you'd save with high speed internet! :-)

Anonymous said...

Paper bag, 1/4 cup of popcorn, fold over brown paper bag, and cook for 3 minutes. Simple and airpopped popcorn.


Anonymous said...

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